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Return Policy

To remind you because of the suit production takes some time, please forgive me
If the goods sent, for no reason not pick up
In accordance with the "Criminal Law" Article 355 to destroy the crime of the crime will be transferred to the law, violated the law may be 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or a fine of 500 yuan.
※ Returns required
If you need to change the size, we will bear the cost of B, B will be borne by you

※ return, should pay attention to what?
Please ensure that the packaging is complete (including the goods themselves, inside and outside the packaging, accessories, gifts, etc.), the seller can check the integrity of the goods to confirm whether to meet the return conditions.

※ What situation can not provide return service?
After the demolition of goods after the destruction of goods or other goods after the next day from the beginning of seven working days before the return of the demand

※ What is the amount of partial refund?
If you apply for a return refund order plus freight, apply for a partial refund, the seller may choose not to return the original order shipping costs.

※ credit card brush back, how long will be recorded?
Depending on your card issuance date, the original payment credit card will be refunded in the current or next invoice.